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Lavelle Industries

Lavelle Industries, Inc. – A History of Innovation

Lavelle Industries has continued to innovate since starting operations in 1912 as a rubber and plastics manufacturer. Our capabilities of mixing our own rubber recipes allow us to control the quality and safety of our products. We have always been a crazy dog-loving company, so matching that with our extensive knowledge of rubber, we embarked on creating an innovative dog toy.

Our promise is to develop durable, FDA-safe, and ingenious toys to keep a dog’s mouth and mind happily occupied when alone and primed for play when you are home. Lavelle Industries, Inc. develops premium quality dog toys under the Titan® brand name. As a nationally certified Woman–owned business, Titan remains committed to manufacturing in the United States to offer high-quality products and keep jobs in America. Our products are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin. As a family-owned business and pet-friendly company and office, the importance of your fur children’s safety is deeply rooted in everything we do.

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